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Roll Shaper

Lymphatic Drainage Roller Massage

What is Lymphatic Roller Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage improves our health in various ways. It makes the body noticeably lighter, boosts energy and vitality, increases metabolism, immune function, sleep quality and work efficiency, reduces swelling and numbness of the limbs, stimulates blood circulation.

But these are not the only benefits of lymphatic drainage massage. Most ladies are really excited about the possibility to lose inches, firm the skin, tone the muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


The transformation of your body is achieved not by massaging a certain part of the body, but by stimulating the lymph flow and detoxification. You get a slimmer, more toned physique with less cellulite and water retention.

The massage itself is like a work out, where you follow 18 easy steps using Roll Shaper. Your muscles might feel a bit achy after the first couple of goes, but there is nothing to worry about, your body will get used to the massage and each time it takes less effort. There is a possibility that you might feel slight fatigue and dizziness after your first massage. It’s perfectly normal, because your body is getting rid of toxins accumulated in the fatty tissues over the time.

Why Rollshaper

Why Roll Shaper?

It can help with

Tone Muscle

A physical massage that conditions and tones your muscles

Energy Levels

Roller massage increases lymph and blood circulation to boost energy levels and ward off fatigue


Release built up toxins through the lymphatic drainage system

Eliminate Cellulite

If this lymph system becomes clogged, cellulite is able to eventually form due to the accumulation of fat deposits and toxins and also the lack of nutrition for the cells. Roller massage gets those waste fluids out of the body.

Weight Loss

Lymphatic drainage massage promotes the release of water retention and in turn reduces weight and removes inches. 


“Amazing first session; I booked myself in a month as I was happy with the output from the first day. I would recommend to anyone who wants to tone and don’t have the home to gym and diet but still want the results.”

— Shairbano

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